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一. 名额和要求
  1. 1-2名女生
  2. 本科生和研究生均可
  3. 交流时间:半年或者一年

二. 学习时间:春季学期April 2015~ September 2015(4月入校)
  秋季学期October 2015~ March 2016(10月入校)

三. 申请截至时间:秋季学期2014年10月8日

四. 申请要求:

1. Exchange students are expected to have the Japanese language capability necessary to participate in lectures, seminars and tutorials at Ochanomizu University.

2. Academic grade point should be 2.30 or above. (in case applying for JASSOS scholarship,For details, please refer to

Tip: How to calculate your academic grade point :

〔(Grade 100-80) No. of credits × 3〕+〔(Grade 79-70) No. of credits × 2〕+〔(Grade 69-60) No. of credits × 1〕/ Total No. of registered credits

五. 申请材料: Required Documents

1. Curriculum vitae
2. Letter of motivation
3. Academic transcript&
4. Study/research plan
5. Certificate of Enrollment of the Applicant for Student Exchange Support Program (For JASSO Scholarship for Short-Term Study in Japan) (Form 4)
6. Photocopy of Passport (ID page)

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